Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update on Jeremiah and a wonderful blessing from God

Okay, so we had to take Jeremiah to the ER on Monday night and again this afternoon. He's got an appointment with a Pediatrician who has taken a special interest in management of asthma. That's on Thursday. He has to stay home between now and then. He's not going to school or baseball. Not because the doctor said he had to but because Josh insisted. We're trying to avoid another ambulance ride. I was not able to be reached today and they had to call an ambulance to the school. I met him at the hospital, girls in tow. The girls got a little rambunctious while we were there and I decided to try and find someone to watch them for an hour or so. So I got in the car to head home and start in our neighborhood trying to find someone available to watch them. I saw my friend, Christina, who has a couple of kids that go to the charter school with my kids. She was downtown with her kids. She stopped to talk to me and find out how Jeremiah was. I told her, he was okay, but needed to stay for a while longer to be monitored in case he had a relapse and that I was looking for someone to watch the girls for a while until I could bring Jeremiah home. I told her Josh is in Spokane so I'm on my own. She said she was just running some errands and could take Angela and Chloe with them. It was such a blessing. They went to Wal-mart where she bought my girls some new crocs! Then, she took them to McDonald's and fed them! I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to thank her! I'm definitely going to have to watch her kids for her or something. She's such a giving person. This is not the first time she's done something wonderful for me and my family. She's just an incredible woman of God. I absolutely love her.

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