Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Cool Day For Working

Well, Josh is home, working from home. He doesn't have an office yet. Just a laptop and lots of work to do. I'm sure we're all going to drive him crazy until he finds an office. We have to do some shopping today. I don't think we will be going to the park today. It's still raining and it's supposed to only get to a whopping high of 63 degrees! Oh, well. I'm sure we'll get together with Maggie's family somewhere else. And it will be a good day for more laundry.


  1. It's good that it's cool, though. We need some of that coolness so that we won't lay around and complain how hot it is instead of doing housework ;).

    Mark does a lot of work from home, and fortunately, he has a room to shut himself into, but there are some days when he needs to get away. Can Josh take his laptop to the library or coffee shop?

  2. Yeah, he had already decided that he would have to do that if necessary. But today he moved into his new office that the BSA got for him. Thanks, though. That's great advice. He'll be having a lot of his meetings with people at coffee shops and what not. He mostly won't even be in his office much once he really gets started. He has to meet with people all day long most of the time. In that way it's very similar to his last job. His office was more of a place to put all his stuff and that's pretty much what it will be this time.