Saturday, August 22, 2009

Update On Computer Issues

Well, now I have internet at home on my laptop but there appears to be a problem with our home computer. The Dell Company was going to charge us 50 dollars to fix it. First of all we don't have 50 extra dollars right now and second of all we don't think we should have to pay for something that was most likely caused by them in the first place from the way it sounds, so we're getting a friend of ours who works on computers for a living to take a look and see if he can fix it, before we even consider paying them to fix the problem. We haven't called him yet, but we will or talk to him tomorrow at church. Anyway, now my laptop is hooked up in the living room in place of our desktop. So, Josh is using my computer as well. Fortunately, he's not on it a lot, cause he has his own laptop for his work and that's mostly what he uses the compute for. He does check our personal email on here and also gets on facebook for a few minutes each day. He doesn't play the games and stuff like I do. I limit my activity there, but don't completely abstain. He completely abstains from playing any games and usually taking the tests as well. Anyway, it's late and I need to get ready for bed.

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