Friday, August 28, 2009

A Good Shopping Day (air conditioning)

Oh, man. And I thought it was hot yesterday! It's over 100 degrees today, which makes it about 110 or more in our unairconditioned trailer house. Yuck! We're dying. The cold shower I just took felt really good. We also went to the Salvation Army and got a few clothes for the kids to start the school year. Of course, I've found it impossible to keep the kids out of them. They're wearing them now. Or at least the girls are. Jeremiah coudn't care less. He found what he needed and was ready to come home five minutes after we got there. I'm going to go back on Monday, the last day of their big sale. All their clothes are 79 cents a piece until the end of the month, including adult clothes. They had a ton of women's jeans, so I might get something for myself, even. Then, we went to see Josh at the mall where he was getting his new iphone for work, so Angela could show off her new "Queen Amidala" shirt. She's from Star Wars for those of you that are not familiar. Then, after we looked around a bit and met Josh back at the AT&T store again he took us to the Super China Buffet. Not my favorite place, but I was hungry, so I wasn't complaining. Then, we came home to get Angela ready to go to her friend, Maggie's house. She's spending the night there tonight and we'll pick her up on our way out of town to go to our picnic's and camping tomorrow. I'll throw together some clothes for everyone tonight after Celebrate Recovery.


  1. I'm sorry it's so bad! I'm glad we're having cool days over here now. No air conditioning here, either, but we live in a basement apartment, so it's a lot cooler down here. We didn't have air conditioning in our trailer, either- just a swamp cooler. We had to get up on the roof to fill it, too. Our current tenant and our dog must be dying!
    Glad you were able to get out in some AC and find some good bargains on clothes!

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