Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Hot Day and A Busy Weekend Coming Up

Well, Jeremiah seems to be a little better today. Ugh! Is it ever hot, though, and the pool is not opened this week as I mentioned earlier. Most of their guards went back to school, so they don't have enough guards available at the same time to open the pool at all. It'll be open this weekend and doesn't it figure that the forecast is calling for rain. We'll be out of town anyway, so that's okay. In anticipation of possible rain (and just because he loves me so much) Josh arranged for us to have a cabin at the Boy Scout camp where we'll be staying. We're going to a family reunion for a little while and then to a staff picnic with the Boy Scouts and if we headed back after that we would get home early the next morning. So to avoid the late night we're just staying the night there at the campground.


  1. Have fun at the campground! Sorry it's so hot there! I'm glad Jeremiah is feeling better, though!

  2. I'm feeling better now too. I was having a lot of congestion myself, mostly because of allergies, but I think I might have gotten a mild version of the bug he got, too. I skipped the tummy part though. Today's super hot. It has been over 100 degrees this afternoon.