Saturday, December 12, 2009

Angela's First Hockey Games

Sorry, I haven't gotten back to Genesis yet. I've been promoting my son's blog instead. Again check it out. Refer to the post before this one if you need the address. I'll be getting back to Genesis hopefully, this next week. My daughter had her first 2 hockey games today. All in one day. They played LC here in Moscow this morning and then went to Lewiston to play them on their own ice. They lost both games, but tried hard and had fun. They have a few new players on their team besides my daughter, I believe, so they're just learning. Angela needs to work on her skating mostly. I think the rest will come pretty quickly once she gets her "ice legs". Right now she balances with her stick, so when she hits the puck she falls over, so learning to skate better will make a huge different. Once she gets confident on skates, I think she'll be able to be more aggressive, going after the puck and learning to control the puck and everything. I'm sure by the end of the season she'll be a very different hockey player! She loves it a lot, so I know she'll work hard to improve! She's a great little girl with a lot of fire and a lot of energy. This will be a great sport for her!

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