Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Presents and All That Drama

For Christmas Angela and Chloe got new Webkinz and they both screamed, at the same time, because they both happened to open them at the same time. One's called The Pucker Fish and it is Chloe's and the other is called the Clown Fish, named Nemo, which if you hadn't noticed is what almost every clown fish is called since a certain movie came out! And Jeremiah got Tech Deks. They're small finger boards and they have tiny little bolts. Josh got a new coat and he pulled the strings and covered his face. He looked really funny sitting there. I got a Scentsy warmer and a few scents to go with it. I was thrilled about that. I've been wanting one for a long time, but never could justify the expense. I must have mentioned that to my mother at some point, cause she got me lots of Scentsy stuff. Angela and Chloe got Snuggies For Kids. They wear them while they're playing on the computer and making puzzles. They like to cut and make puzzles. Angela got roller blades and kept roller blading all over my mom's house and she would go too fast and crash into things. Angela also got a Discovery Kids video camera, which I am afraid she might use to blackmail some people since she was recording all the time. Chloe got a new coat that is very cute and fuzzy. She looks adorable in it. Angela wanted one, too, but Uncle Dave (my brother) has a thing about kids getting clothes and/or books for Christmas, because he didn't like it when he got those things. So he wouldn't let Aunt Sheila (his wife) buy one for Angela, too. He didn't even want her to buy the one for Chloe. She also got a book about baseball for Jeremiah tha he had a fit about, but he got it anyway and he loves it.

Those are not all the things we got, but they are the main things. The kids had a good Christmas, other than Chloe's allergies.

This was mostly Angela's post, as she was telling me what to type, but I added my own commentaries in a few places, so I will say it was authored by

Angela and Shellie Paparazzo


  1. kids what they get excited about. We didnt do much this year either. bethany got a dolly almost as big as she is. All three odler kdis got a 10 dollar MP3 player which now they should leave Dannys alone. That is they should. LOL. The boys got some cars and girls some dolly things. Sounds liked you guys had fun though