Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Paparazzo Activity

Yay! It's almost bedtime. My favorite time of day. When the kids go to bed. Of course, I'll probably go to bed early tonight myself, because I'm kind of tired. Of course, that might change after my stomach full of potatoes digests. Angela says I'm always tired, but that is because she always wears me out. Mostly Angela, but also Chloe and Jeremiah. But Angela definitely requires a lot of energy. She gets so excited about my blog. She always wants to help. So funny. They're going to bed now. Yay! Boy is this a random blog post. I told you I'm easily distracted. Having three kids is a definite distraction, but a fun one. I doubt if I'll actually go to bed early. I always say that, but it never happens. I'm just a night person by nature, plus with all the kids in bed it's so pleasantly quiet in the house at night.


  1. you would love my moms job you can sit down and watch it for days.

  2. You better be careful or I might just have to give you more chores to do! Then, I really will get to sleep all the time!