Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Busy Week of Christmas Celebrations

It's been a good week, so far, other than Chloe throwing up last night. She stayed home today, even though she was fine. I just wanted to be sure and was worried about her being tired since she didn't get a lot of sleep. I didn't have any trouble getting her to go to bed tonight, let me tell you! Anyway, Tuesday was sort of a nice lazy day at home. Wednesday was Jeremiah's AWANA Christmas program, which was fun and had lots of yummy food afterwards, mostly cookies. That morning I also had a cookie exchange sort of a thing at my bible study, so I enjoyed that and then went and looked at the thrift stores to see if they might still have some stuff I could get for my kids for Christmas, since we're really broke this year. They have a few things. Hope they still have them this weekend, the next time I'll probably be able to shop, after I take my kids tomorrow to show me what sorts of things they are even interested in. I also went to the food bank to get a few things. Oh, yes, and I baked cookies Tuesday night for my bible study, and decorated them. That is very unusual for me. I never bake! I usually just buy cookies for these sorts of things. Today, we went to a friends to sing carols and eat more cookies. (I'm starting to sense a theme here. No wonder Chloe got sick!) We'll see how tomorrow goes, with our window shopping adventure after school and then Celebrate Recovery.

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