Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Break Fun (When does school start again?)

Well, the kids are driving me crazy. They fight all the time and keep doing things like bouncing my body ball, which they know they're not supposed to do. The body ball just landed on the desk a few minutes ago, knocking a bunch of stuff down. Ugh! Jeremiah spent his money from his Wal-Mart gift card the day after Christmas. He got a nerf gun and a remote control car. A starter piece for a Tech Dek build a park set, and some extra darts for his nerf gun. He promised he wouldn't shoot his sisters with the nerf gun, cause I knew that would cause fights, but apparently Chloe likes being hunted, so she asks him to shoot her with his nerf gun, while she runs from him! LOL. She is so funny! Jeremiah is now squishing a bunch of little marshmallows together to make a big marshmellow for his hot cocoa. He is so strange! I certainly can't accuse my kids of not having imaginations!


  1. hehe. And you believed he wouldnt shoot his sisters. LOL. Hope the weeks gets better but you know kids they always have something they need to fight about.

  2. Aah, they're not that bad. I was worried cause the first thing they did in the morning was fight over something. That's not usually a good sign, but they got over it.

  3. GIANT MARSHMELO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I also hunt cats.