Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hey, I found my itunes gift card I had lost last year, so now I have a playlist on my computer! Only 12 songs, but we all have to start somewhere right! I discovered that my ipod no longer works, so I lost all the songs my husband had put on that, but oh,well. Now, I can put my favorites from my computer onto my new ipod, when I get one (if I get one). I only got this one because my daughter misbehaved for the last time and got her ipod taken from her. I never had one, really. So, the songs he put on there were for her. Otherwise I'd be more upset about losing them. As it is, they weren't my favorite songs to begin with. They were convenient that's all. Not the one's I would have picked. Considering how long it took me to figure out how itunes works, it will be a miracle if I figure out how to get the music from my computer to an ipod, if I ever get one, anyway.


  1. Hope you enjoy your tunes! We just got a new I-touch for Christmas, so I have to download all the new songs and stuff. A warning- when you are syncing new songs, make sure it's manual sync, and not automatic. Otherwise, it will wipe out whatever you have downloaded on there before.