Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Paparazzo Thanksgiving

Since I never really told you all about our Thanksgiving, I thought I'd tell you now, even though it was rather normal except for when Josh burned his leg. Well, why don't I just start at the beginning.

It started the weekend before Thanksgiving on Friday night, when we went to Josh's Mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody was busy doing other things the rest of the week, so that's why they decided to do it early rather than not be able to have Thanksgiving at all. So, we went out there on Friday night after helping Josh with some popcorn organizing for the Boy Scouts. We got out there shortly before dinner. It was really noisy with Candy and Danny's 5 kids, Amy's 3 girls, and our 3. Actually that is an understatement. It was INSANELY LOUD!!!! Just so you get the idea. After dinner, we had a bonfire, so they could burn some brush. Don't worry, they had a permit. Anyway, after starting the fire we went inside and had some pie, before Josh and his brother Raymond, headed back out to work on burning the brush. It had been raining during all of this and Josh was wearing denim jeans. They were slightly damp from the rain while he was scooping stuff into the fire. He got too close to the fire and his pants started steaming on the inside. He felt like he was on fire, so he moved away from the fire and stopped, dropped, and rolled like your supposed to. It was dark, so when Raymond saw him rolling, he assumed he was on fire and ran over to pat the fire out, but he wasn't on fire. I didn't actually see this happen, cause I was in the house with the women and kids. Josh came running in and took off his pants. (Apparently pain takes away any sense of modesty one might have.) He needed to get something cold on it right away. To make a long story short he suffered second degree burns on his leg. He's still treating them and we've got a few different medicines that are working quite well for those of you who might be concerned. Not long after we treated and wrapped his burn we returned home. He was in a lot of pain for the next few days.

We were going to go to my parents house the next Wednesday, but I woke up early Tuesday morning with a very stuffy nose and achey all over, so I called my mom and cancelled our trip. Usually when I get a cold, I'm sick for at least a week. Not this time. After a VERY miserable Tuesday, I woke up Wednesday morning feeling almost completely back to normal. I still didn't want to risk getting my family sick, so we still stayed home. We went to our church where some of our friends were putting on a dinner for anyone who wanted to come enjoy dinner there and didn't have somewhere else to go. It was a really delicious dinner, and we enjoyed spending the time with our friends. We didn't stay long, since Josh was still in quite a bit of pain from his burn and wanted to get home, where he could vedge on the couch and not move much, letting his leg heal. Well, like I said, not too eventful, but that was our Thanksgiving!

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