Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chloe, My House, and Palouse Falls

Okay, most of these are definitely doubles, but just in case you missed my earlier posts I'll go ahead and leave them up. She sure is cute, anyway! I'm just as surprised as you are when these come up! I just go with the numbers on the picture. Whatever is the next number after the last one I showed you, I upload and then, I just go with it! I don't have time to sort through and figure out what's what and all that, so I just upload the next number and then type accordingly!
Again, my beautiful red barn...I mean, house! Okay, so it's not so beautiful. It's a broken down, old trailer house, but it is amazing what a little paint and some nails will do for the old place!

Again, my humble little Subaru next to Josh's amazing Santa Fe!

I gotta tell ya, some of these pictures are absolutely stunning! I like this one, though, because it does let me know that they're not too far from civilization! Phew! That's a relief. I'd hate to think that they had to squat! Although for some reason my men and one of my girls really don't seem to mind that much. They're sick people, I tell you! Sick! We came up with indoor plumbing for a reason!

I have no idea how to turn this one the right way!

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