Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scouting Activities

This is very close by in the amazing place where we live! How could anyone look at this and say there is no God! Wow! Atheists have way more faith than I could possibly muster up!

Okay, I show you pictures of other boys so that I can defend my son! This is proof that they all make very odd faces. Boys are truly creatures from an entirely different planet from our own!
Okay, so he's making a somewhat normal face here! By the way, this is probably more the sort of activity you normally think of Boy Scouts doing, huh?! They actually do a LOT of this! They do that other stuff I've told you about too, though. They learn all kinds of good stuff! If you're wondering where he got the cool shades, they're actually the same glasses he's wearing in the other pictures, but there was some sunlight when this one was taken. They're transition lenses! Yes, they really work! Cool, huh?! I'm hoping to get me a pair in January when I will finally be on my husband's vision insurance!

Okay, this would be my point! You know, the other planet and all!


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