Monday, December 20, 2010

Silliness, House Painting, and More Boy Scouts

My superhero youngest daughter (we're not sure what kind of a superhero she is) being her silly self! You can't read her t-shirt, but it says "Blame Your Parents."
Okay, this was taken the same day. Obviously, we were all being very silly! This is what most people would like to do to me most days. I've frequently commented that my husband used to talk and my mom has suggested that maybe he gave up with me in the same house. Gee, thanks mom!

Again, my adorable youngest! Aren't you glad to know that we do acknowledge our girls while my husband works for the Boy Scouts!

This and the next several pictures are of our junky trailer house while we were putting up new trim and painting, basically patching it up good enough to keep the landlord off our case until we can get out of here! How do you like the barn red? I told my husband I always thought it would be neat to turn an old barn into a house and Josh said I'd have to settle for turning an old house into a barn!

That little silver subaru in the background is my baby! I absolutely love her! I know, I know. She's a humble little Subaru, but do not underestimate her! She's a tough little bugger! She's served me well in the last 2 years since I finally got my driver's license! The other cars my husband awesome and gorgeous Hyundai SantaFe. We love it. I took my driver's test in it and since then have hardly been allowed to drive it, with my amazing ability to back into things!

Hate this picture! I'm sure I will regret putting this on here. Don't you just love the state of our blinds! Ugh! Have I mentioned that I hate my house! I guess I should just be thankful that I have one.

More gorgeous wilderness in our area where my men have spent some time!

I know, I know. Obnoxious boys again!


  1. LOL I would say you all are crazy but I loves you alll

  2. Oh, thank you! I love it, too! In fact, it's the only thing about my house, I like, besides the master bathroom!