Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun At Camp Grizzly!

This is Jeremiah fishing at Camp Grizzly last summer!
This is the picture I've been trying to put on my twitter profile, but it keeps telling me twitter is over capacity! Ugh! That's the lodge at Camp Grizzly behind us and that's my trusty green canteen in front of me! Love that thing! It was perfect for camp and when I got it as a gift at a party I had no idea where I'd be spending my summer!

Again, I have no idea how to turn these one's right side up, but that's my gorgeous Boy Scout husband hard at work at Camp Grizzly!

This is me in front of our little cabin, doing one of my favorite activities! I could cause I didn't have to clean house or make meals or anything! Well, except for make sure my kids got bathed and dressed and all that jazz! But that's easy compared to what I have to do at home!


  1. It was divine! Would have been nice to have had a bigger cabin and our own shower, but, hey, you can't have everything!