Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Ball Game

Well, Jeremiah lost his second game. He played well, though. He played second base and caught the ball and threw it to first for an out. He did strike out twice, but then got walked his third trip to the plate. He tried to scoop off of first base when the next kid got up to bat and the pitcher threw the ball to first base. He didn't make it back in time. It looked like he might have made it, but they called it out. It was close, but you can't argue with the umpire. And the ball hit his ankle when he was diving for the base and he got a nice bruise. He's laying on the couch with his dinner, and an ice pack. Yes, I'm letting him eat on the couch which I normally don't let them do. They are watching The Night At The Museum 2. Yes, I'm spoiling them for a couple of hours! It's my favorite part of parenting, getting to treat them. I think they think that punishing them is my favorite thing, but it's really not as I'm sure all you parents out there know.

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