Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sex Education

Well, my kids will be home in a few minutes. I've been reading today about sex education programs. I'm shocked at the statistics and the lies I've believed, because no one in my family talked to me about these things, and sex education at school doesn't cover much or at least it didn't when I was in school. We didn't even really have sex education, per se. It was just part of our regular health class curriculum and then it was just basic facts. So, they told us about the risk of STD's and pregnancy. Nobody ever told me about the emotional risk and now I am suffering to this day, because of what I didn't know. I never had a kid before I was married, no abortions, and I have no STD's (That in itself is a miracle.), but I have suffered from a severe lack of self-worth. I had no respect for myself and it got it got less and less with each partner, until I didn't feel like I had anything left anymore. If you get nothing else from this blog post, teach your kids that abstinence is their only choice.

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