Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sick Kids

Chloe is home sick from school. Jeremiah should have been, just like he should have been yesterday. Yesterday, he had a Boy Scout event he wanted to attend with his daddy running it, and knew he couldn't if he didn't go to school. Today and tomorrow and Saturday he has baseball that he never wants to miss! He's actually sicker than Chloe I think, but refuses to stay home. The child is going to have to be rolled out of here on a stretcher before he sits still!


  1. so what they ahve. Ours are getting better. They had colds. Lydia is getting better too. she could hardly breath and wouldnt eat much. tell them to get better and you too

  2. These guys had colds as well. Came with a really nasty cough as well as stuffy and runny noses. They seem to be feeling better. Angela came down with a fever as well last night, but was better today. We missed opening ceremonies for Cal Ripken (Jeremiah's coach gave him a ride), but we made it to Jeremiah's 2 p.m. game.