Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Fun Weekend

Well, we had a great time at the event I had previously thought was called Sing For Life. Actually, it was A Marathon Of Praise. It was wonderful. I spent many hours praising the Lord, while my girls ran around a fairly large and fun church with lots of hiding places. It was held by CareNet of the Palouse. They even provided lunch and dinner for a small donation. I had some of the best Tri Tip I've ever eaten! The guy that provided it has his own special recipe. It started out with very quiet music in the morning and got louder and louder to the way I like it by the end! I know worshipping God is not about emotions, but I like it when the music touches my heart. I knew Chloe could not be in Sunday School with her runny nose, so I stayed home with her this morning while Josh took the other 2 to church. I figured I had an entire day of worship and fellowship, he probably needed it more than I did.


  1. Sounds like fun! I missed a good part of worship today because I had to take my youngest home to change his clothes. He went into the fountain. Good practice for future baptism! ;)