Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Little Bible Scholars

Well, Jeremiah and Angela had their AWANA Awards Ceremony last night. Angela got her first book award for T&T. She was a Sparkie last year. This is her first year as a T&T. She had to say 93 verses from memory to complete her first book. There were other activities as well. Like learning the order of the books of the bible and learning many other things about the bible. They do try to make sure they understand what they're reading, so it can absorb into their little hearts and minds. It is a big month or so for Angela spiritually. She met with our pastor today and will be being baptized on Mother's Day, May 9th! Pastor Kim says she is very intelligent in her knowledge of the bible! I've never been more proud! Jeremiah missed a lot of AWANA this year because of a very busy year with the Boy Scouts. He only memorized 6 verses. I had to tease him that I memorized more verses this year than he did. It always amazes me what their little minds can absorb. So much more than mine can at this time in my life. I certainly couldn't memorize 93 verses in a year! Now they have a lot of God's Word hidden in their hearts and there will be more next year!

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