Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day Of Rest

My kids are home! I have wasted the entire day! It's been wonderful! I feel sort of guilty, but I really shouldn't since I worked all weekend! Josh is even doing the grocery shopping today! I do have to take Jeremiah to his Troop meeting tonight, and pick him up! Ugh! I don't get to be completely lazy all day! I may actually have to comb my hair! Darn it! I tried so hard! I made breakfast this morning. (Such hard work pouring cereal!) and then cleaned up the kitchen which I managed to mess up even just fixing cereal. That's because I had to mix up some dry milk, cause we were out of milk. It's really not bad on cereal. You just don't want to drink it. Yuck! Then, I had my quiet time, listened to praise music, took a shower, took a nap, had lunch and then my kids came home while I was on here. Yay! What a wonderfully wasteful day!

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