Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Desires

You know I've been listening to this preacher that I love, but don't always agree with. He talks about making "vision lists", which sounds great and all, but what bothers me is when he says that if you see something and you like it, put it on the list. I do not go for the "Name it and claim it" theology. Do I agree that God doesn't just provide for our physical needs, but also our desires? Yes!!!! Our godly desires. I don't know about you, but not all of my desires are always godly. And He is going to make me pay the price for my sins. Sins like buying things I didn't need and couldn't afford and shouldn't have had! I did not spend my money on things that God wanted for me. I spent it on what I wanted. And I didn't want God deciding for me. Sometimes I still don't. Now! Am I a believer? Absolutely! But obviously not perfect! I occasionally have ungodly desires, even acting on them. That's called sin, and I have yet to meet any Christian who has completely quit sinning, ever! No, I don't do it consistently and I definitely don't do it intentionally anymore. At least I haven't for a very long time. Just because I might want a beemer (which, I don't) doesn't mean God wants me to have one. Oh, yes, I enjoy looking at expensive cars, but to be honest with you, the thought of me driving one nearly scares me half to death! I am not a good driver and cheaper cars are definitely a better idea. Fast, expensive cars would be completely wasted on me. I drive so slow it drives my kids insane. I don't even want to drive that fast! My little Subaru has never gone as fast as it probably can and even that isn't very fast! Anyway, I've gone far from my point. I think I already made my point.

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