Thursday, September 30, 2010

More On Our Value

Continuing with the subject I was talking about earlier, I realize that I've been trying to find other things besides just being a stay-at-home mom to do with myself, not because I'm bored or am lacking a social life, although I was lacking a social life for a good chunk of time there. I've been trying to come up with career options or a way to get a job without my family having to suffer. I just know that if I worked outside the home for several hours a day, I would just be cranky and irritable when I came home and had to care for my children. I don't want that for my family. I want them to have a mother and a wife who is glad to see them and wants to spend time with them. I wanted a job or to go back to school, so that my life would have value. I felt worthless, so realizing that my value is not in what I do but in who I am took a huge weight off my shoulders. Will I someday have a job outside the home? Maybe. Will I go back to school? Possibly. But that is not where my value comes from. My value comes from who I am in Christ Jesus. I am His child, created to do good works. But what good works? Not necessarily what the world sees as good works. Even if I never get paid a dime in my life from here on out, I am raising three little people who are part of the future of American and the whole world. Who knows what they will do! And again it doesn't matter. As long as they follow hard after God they will be exactly where he wants them. Sometimes just being there for the people God has placed in our lives is enough. People are our future. Not things. Some of those things will survive and still be around for future generations, some will not. But what we put into other people's lives will carry on and they can pass it on to others in their lives. That's how we make a difference in our world: one individual human being at a time. It might be as simple as offering to help and elderly person cross the street that makes that difference to one person. Or bringing a meal to someone who is sick as I have experienced twice this week already with the flu. It doesn't matter what we do as long as we show the love of Christ to the world.


  1. you are making the world more beautiful, one smile at a time. : )

    Isn't it wonderful the way God takes our little offering and uses it exponentially (<- cool math term)? He is just such a great God. Why do we waste so much time thinking about ourselves when we have HIM to think about and talk to?

  2. Thanks, J! I sure do try! After suffering from so much depression in my life, it's nice to finally be experiencing the Joy of the Lord most of the time for a change!