Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The First Day Of School

Aaah, it's absolutely silent in my house, except for Beth Moore's voice coming from my computer with this week's radio lesson. And I can shut her off any time I want to, unlike my children! Not that I don't adore my children, but I definitely need the break. I'm looking forward to hearing all about their first day of school and what they think of their new teachers for those that have new teachers. Jeremiah's teacher was also his third grade and fifth grade teacher! And he's been in the same classroom since third grade. Someone else taught in that class in 4th grade, but he was in the same classroom! It's a good thing we love Mrs. Knott! It should be a fun year. Jeremiah gets to go to Science Camp this year. I know he's looking forward to that. We're hoping he'll be able to at least begin to earn his Environmental Science merit badge for Boy Scouts while he's there. Take care of some of the requirements at least. Angela has a teacher that Jeremiah never had, so it will be neat getting to know her. Chloe's teacher was also Angela's 2nd grade teacher, so I already know I absolutely love her. MCS has great teachers! One of the many reasons we love this school and wouldn't want to send our kids anywhere else!

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