Monday, September 6, 2010

A Much Better Day

It's been a much better day. I decided to let my kids play with their friends and not let Satan win by messing with my kids very healthy social life. My daughter, Angela and her friend Lizzy got to talking today about how controlling parents can be when it comes to who they'll let you be friends with and such. They were complaining about it. Someday they'll understand just like we now understand why our parents wouldn't let us be friends with certain people. I have much different standards then my parents did, but they still had standards and I respect that a lot more than I did when I was a kid. Some of it I don't, because some of it was just selfish on their part, but some of it I totally get and some of the kids they didn't like that I hung out with when they weren't looking I wouldn't want my kids to spend time with either. (That was the worst run-on sentence on earth, but oh, well.) Anyway, I'm still not letting anyone in my house, but my kids are playing with their friends and sometimes they come over here and I let them play outside. I don't need anyone in here while I'm cleaning and reorganizing (or trying to. I'm not very good at it.) everything. It's going to take months as bad as I've let it get. My husband's working on the outside of the house which is totally falling apart. I'd rather have my job, mostly because I hate heights and he has to stand on a ladder. Also, because I hate paint. It's just so messy and such a pain to try to get out of anything. I don't think I have anything I can wear to paint. I got rid of all my cruddy clothes. Good thing I kept his. I just like to look cute even when I'm working. I seriously doubt if I do, but I try!

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