Monday, October 18, 2010

All Hallow's Eve Only Honors Satan

My son and I got into an interesting conversation on the way to the grocery store this afternoon and I'd like to share some of my thoughts on this topic. He complained that I really don't get into Halloween and he said, "Mom why do you dislike Halloween so much?" I told him, "Why would I like a holiday that honors the devil?" Now I know all the supposedly Christian background for All Hallow's Eve, but with all that I've read about it I'd have to say the way that it was celebrated even way back then was not very biblical. There's nothing positive about dressing up in scary costumes to scare the devil away, which is the way my mother explained it. I don't see why the devil would be scared of himself, cause that's really what they're saying. They're dressing up in costumes that represent Satan in order to scare him?! That doesn't make any sense! He's scared of the power of Christ and in dressing up in scary costumes we're saying we somehow have to do more than just claim the power that Christ gave us in His death and resurrection. It really takes the glory away from God and puts it on Satan when you treat it that way. You're playing right into his hands and honoring Satan instead of honoring God. Think about it! Study the bible! See if there is anything biblical about All Hallow's Eve and any of the ways it's been celebrated. Jesus never dressed up in a scary costume to drive out demons. He just used the power that was already His and drove them out! And all we have to do is claim that same power that He has given to us to order demons away from us and our families and others that we love! We do not want to be giving Satan the glory! God is the One that should be receiving the Glory!!!!

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