Thursday, October 28, 2010

Living Proof Live and NaNoWriMo

I'm so excited and nervous! I'm going to be going to a conference in Spokane, Washington called Living Proof Live with Beth Moore tomorrow by myself (sort of). I've never done anything like this by myself before. I always have gone with a group. Josh is actually going up to Spokane as well, for some job training, so we will ride up together and he'll drop me off at the conference and go on to the Spokane Scout office up there. Actually I believe we'll both be going to the head offices up there at first cause he wants to get up there early to check on something with the Scout Shop, so we need to be there during business hours to do that which is well before my conference starts. I'm so jittery, I don't think I'm going to sleep well tonight. Please pray for me. I'm praying that God has something good for me, cause I could sure use the direction, since I'm going to be starting writing a bible study on 1 Corinthians then on Monday. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm diving in headfirst and blindfolded! Never written anything more than a blog post before in my life, but a friend challenged me to do this with her (she's not writing the same thing, we're just egging each other on) and so I agreed cause I love her dearly and want to support her in her writing as well. She's a fantastic writer. If you look at the blogs I'm following hers is called My First Launch and if you read any of her stuff she's a very different kind of writer than I am. I am serious, she is all about humor, which is wonderful. She's a fellow believer who I have so much respect for and dearly love in the Lord, so I'm helping her out as well as getting motivated myself.

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  1. My sister Katie will be there and I think Angela will be there. So God already answered your prayers. You will have friends there. I pray God will use this conference for all of you to uplift you and draw you closer to him. I wish I could go, maybe next time.