Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Lighter Side Of Halloween (sort of)

Okay, I keep meaning to get to the funny part of my conversation about Halloween with my kids. Jeremiah, as you got the hint about yesterday, is a kick in the pants! He could entertain you all day most days. At least on days when he's not doing his preteen crabby pants thing. Really irritates me when he does that. They resort back to whining, or at least mine does. Anyway, when I told him that Halloween celebrates the devil, he said, "No it doesn't. It celebrates sugar rushes!" (Personally, I think that only proves my point!) But he didn't stop there he went on. He said that black represents the color when you mix up all the different types and colors of candy corn together and ghosts represent the white in the candy corn and boy, I can't remember what all he said, but it was quite amusing, but he still didn't get a pumpkin, which is what he wanted me to buy. I wasn't going to spend my money on one. With as little of money as we have, I'm certainly not going to spend it celebrating the devil! I mean, personally, I have no issues with jack-o-lanterns, but I hate making them. It's really messy and time consuming and gross (I hate pulling the guts out). Plus, I just don't want to. I know, so selfish of me. And I feel that I've already spent enough money on this horrible holiday just buying a few costume pieces.

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