Sunday, October 10, 2010

My In-Laws And Another Sick Day

Today, we all stayed home since Jeremiah is still sick and the girls and I still have bad coughs. Josh decided we should all stay home and get some rest. This afternoon though, he did work on the house some outside. If it doesn't rain he'll be working on painting and putting up trim again tomorrow. Anyone in the area who has nothing to do, we'd love the help if you like to paint. Anyway, Jeremiah will be leaving tomorrow for MOSS, so continue praying that he will heal up quickly or his trip is going to be miserable. And I know, especially as much of a Science Geek as he is that he'll have a great time if he's feeling well! He stayed home yesterday while Josh went to a Cub Scout thing in Genessee and me and the girls went to his brother, Raymond, and sister-in-law, Kaci, and nephew, Danyole's welcome home party. I guess it was sort of a housewarming, too, since we had it at their new house that they just bought! It was loads of fun. All of the family, except for Jeremiah, of course, was there. Plus most of their friends from high school showed up as well. There was lots of good food and fun talks. The kids mostly played with these walking talkies the whole time that grandma (Josh's Mom) had bought at Salvation Army. I love my in-laws! They are so great about doing their best to be accepting of everyone, even though I am so different from most of them, they love me anyway!

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  1. Yup we loves you. wish we could of stayed logner but Danny wanted to get home to get ready to go hunting today. Yeah men their priortities LOL