Monday, October 18, 2010

More On Halloween

Okay, I do want you to read and consider my last post and pray about how you celebrate this October 31st! I do dress my kids up. We limit what they can dress up as. No devils, witches or ghosts. Nothing that is evil and scary and glorifies Satan. The only thing even close is Jeremiah told me that what he needs for his costume is just an empty cereal box and a spoon. I was totally confused at first, but then he looked at my confused face and said, "I'm a serial killer," which ought to tell you a lot about his personality and his sense of humor! He's hilarious! I decided since he's really just being funny it was fine! Besides, I like the price of his costume! My daughter, Angela, decided to be a ballerina and Chloe...well, I'm not really sure how to describe Chloe's costume to you. I took a picture of her in her costume the other day, but unfortunately I have no idea where the chord that plugs the camera into the computer is at, so I can put my pictures on here, cause believe me I have a ton you need to see! But she really wanted this pink and black cheetah print cape we saw in Salvation Army, so I decided to buy it for her and then we looked for a pink and black shirt to go with it and we found this black shirt with pink lettering that says, "Blame My Parents." I decided it was perfect, so I bought it to go with. We're still working on the name of her costume. So far some ideas are "Cheetah Girl", "Blame Someone Else Girl", I can't remember what else the girls came up with, but if you have any ideas let me know. "Blame Game Girl" maybe, but she really wants the cheetah part in there, cause she loves cheetahs. So she hasn't liked any of my ideas, because I've focused entirely on the fact that she's blaming her parents for how she is! And of course, I'm sure it is all our fault that she's nuts!

Anyway, now for what we will likely do on the 31st. We'll more than likely go to a local church's harvest celebration. We may go to some of our close friends houses and get candy from them, but other than that we really won't be doing any trick-or-treating. We'll just focus on the fun of dressing up and playing carnival type games and getting candy, of course. So, I really do want you all as believers to really pray about how you celebrate this 31st of October and who you are really giving glory too.


  1. That is too cute! I've never let my kids go to school on Halloween because I don't like the focus there and all the witches in the halls, etc. But they are begging this year. Its a tough one. Really praying through it.

  2. I know. It's difficult for me every year, also. At first I didn't let them dress up, then when Jeremiah went to school and all the kids were into it I changed my mind. I almost didn't send him to school that first year on Halloween, but the principal they had at that time was a Christian and she assured me they were not going to allow any scary costumes. Of course, witches aren't really considered "scary" anymore, so those are allowed. I'm a party pooper. Angela has begged me for the last two years to be a witch and I won't let her.