Thursday, September 3, 2009

Continuing the first week of school

well, the kids will be home from their second day of school soon. Any minute they'll be walking through the door right behind me. Chloe was so excited yesterday. I went to give invitations to her class yesterday afternoon and she was so excited. Yes, we did schedule a pool party for her. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and everyone will have a good time. I don't want it to be too warm though, cause I want fewer people at the pool at that time. Just warm enough for the pool to be open, since there is no place else for her to have her big party! She invited her whole class and most of them came last year, so I'm anticipating a lot of kids! Angela also had a great day and has decided she really likes the new teacher. Jeremiah didn't have such a good day. The new kid that he thought he might get to be friends with started hanging out with the bullies, which is sort of most of his class right now. He's a really sweet kid and while I like him that way, apparently at his age it is really uncool to be sweet and sensitive to other people. It's cool to pick on people and I raised him better than that and personally I think in the long run he'll be the better for it, but right now it's really tough for him. And he just got home and told me that he needs a thumb drive, whatever that is. He's calling his dad to ask him about it. I guess Josh is going to let Jeremiah use his. I didn't even know he had one, obviously, cause I didn't even know what it was. See I'm really not as computer savvy as I pretend to be. Anyway, I have to get off of here so Jeremiah can do his homework. Ugh! I really need to either get our computer fixed or get another computer, so I don't have to let him use my laptop.

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