Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Continuing Sickness In The Paparazzo Home

Ugh! It's hot again. It's supposed to be 91 today. It's 88 right now. Way too hot. I wish I could nap today, but I have to go to a meeting with Angela's teacher this afternoon. Not sure I'd wake up in time. But I might be able to now that Josh is taking Jeremiah to his doctor's appointment. He had to come home sick today. He insisted this morning that he was fine. All 3 kids were home yesterday. Chloe of course stayed home on Monday. Angela came home at noon and when Jeremiah got home from school he was all stuffed up. So, they all stayed home sick yesterday. The only one last night that seemed like he might need to stay home another day was Jeremiah. But this morning he said he felt fine. Of course, I knew he was going to try really hard because tonight is the kick-off pack party for Cub Scouts this year. He really wanted to go. So, I sent them all off to school and went to my 9 am bible study. A few minutes later my cell phone rang. It was Jeremiah telling me that apparently he wasn't fine. So, I had to go get my son and come home. Bummer! I was free for about 5 minutes. Oh, well. The kids are most important. People who keep asking me if they had the swine flu, we'll probably find out today, since Jeremiah already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for today. He'll be there in just a little while. I really don't think they had the H1N1 virus, though. They weren't sick enough for long enough. Only one of them actually had what qualified as a fever. And that was Chloe. And the fever only lasted a couple of days. The other 2 never got fever's at all. Anyway, I will be taking Angela to AWANA's tonight anyway. I'm grateful for Josh taking Jeremiah to the doctor's.

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