Friday, September 18, 2009

Latah County Fair

Aaah, it's Friday. Yes, I'm still going to give you updates. Josh is still home so I can't concentrate to do anything serious. Plus, for some reason I'm just really tired this morning. The fair is this weekend. Well, actually, it's right now, but we can't go until tomorrow since the kids are in school. So, we'll probably go tomorrow afternoon. Jeremiah is going to work at Camp Grizzly with Josh and then doing some Grouse hunting afterwards. Jeremiah has been anxious to get to go hunting ever since he passed his Hunter's Safety Class. He has to choose if he wants to do that or go to the fair with me and the girls. Probably going to be a tough choice for him. Especially since it's probably the only time Josh can take him this year. Josh is pretty busy with his new job right now. He's always going to be real busy in the fall. It's the Boy Scouts busiest season. I'm surprised that didn't influence his decision on whether or not to take this job more than it did.

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