Monday, September 7, 2009


With everything else going on I haven't had a chance to mention the stray cat my kids brought home last Tuesday. He's a Tomcat, so if he's going to stay he has to get nutured. He's a kitten, so he hasn't developped any Tomcat habits I don't think. So if we take care of it soon hopefully he'll be a nice cat. However, if Chloe continues to have wheezing problems like she did last night we'll probably have to get rid of him. Angela named him Tuna. She saw a cat on Animal Planet named Tuna and thought that was cool. Plus when she brought him home we didn't have any cat food, so I opened up a can of tuna fish and he downed it in like seconds. I've never seen anything eat so fast in my life. He had no meat on his bones. Even just after a week he's got some substance to him. He's a funny creature. I've decided he'll eat anything. He ate green beans the other day and eggs the next morning. I think he has some dog in him! Well, I guess I'll have a little help around here cleaning up the mess after the meal. I won't have to clean under the table as much!! Or I should say the kids won't. Any more I make them do it most of the time. Today, we're going out to Josh's Mom's house to see his Aunt Judy and cousin Barb one more time before they head back to Texas this week. The kids have school and Josh has work after today, so it's our last chance.


  1. Funny. Well, if he does stick around, it sounds like you have a built in vacuum. I miss having our dog around- now I have it seems like I have to vacuum three times a day to keep our floors clean, lol.

  2. I believe it! I really should vaccuum three times a day, but I'm such a slob I just ignore the mess. I think he's staying. He jumped out an open window last night and was back early this morning scratching on that same window to be let back in!