Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, I was sick today, so didn't get anything done today that I needed to get done. I was going to go to the store and get some stuff I've been needing and go to the free spaying and nuturing clinic to see if I can get Tuna taken care of. Not to mention, I was just wanting to get out of the house. Something I haven't done since church on Sunday. Maybe not such a big deal for some, but a very big deal for me. I sure hope the kids stay healthy. I'm hoping for perfect attendance this year. Also no other health issues, like asthma complications. I sure don't want to do that again this year. We're going to be paying for those ER bills for a while! Besides, it's very stressful not knowing when your child might suddenly decide to stop breathing. Anyway, hopefully, I'll be able to sleep better and feel better in the morning. My nose got really runny last night and I woke up. Couldn't sleep much after that. I was hoping it was just allergies, but I was wrong. Anyway, hopefully I'll heal quickly and be able to get some stuff done tomorrow. I've taken some vitamins and garlic pills. I'll continue doing that tomorrow. I really should do that regularly. Well, the vitamins anyway, not the garlic pills.

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