Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Square

Well, I guess I'm square! I woke up Sunday morning with a coughing feverish child next to me. That would be Chloe. So, I had to stay home all day with her. No church and no block party. She's not much better today. The fever's down but she's still stuffy and headachey. She should be able to get some more rest today with Jeremiah and Angela at school all day.


  1. Sorry you missed out on the party! And sorry to hear that Chloe's not feeling very good. I'll bet you guys are pretty nervous with the H1N1 flu outbreak down there! Praying for safety and protection!

  2. Yeah, I wasn't too stressed. I heard a family like ours got it and were sick for a week, but nobody died or anything. But we are doing everything we can to prevent it as well. Chloe's fever finally broke, so pretty sure it's not the swine flu.