Saturday, February 7, 2009


You know if there is anything I have a problem with it's other people judging others for the way they worship. I heard tonight about a pastor of one of my children's friends who makes fun of people dancing while worshipping the Lord. I have to wonder if he ever read about David dancing in the streets before the Lord. It does explain how judgmental this young friend of my children's is. She seems to always be looking for something that everyone else is doing wrong. It's the one thing about this particular friend that I don't like. If a church doesn't do things the way her church does they're wrong. If other families don't operate the same way that hers does, they're wrong. And it frustrates me that a church bred that in her. That is exactly the kind of thing that gives Christ a bad name. And to this girl her pastor is obviously the ultimate authority to her. People, always check what your pastor is saying against God's Word. If it doesn't match, RUN! Do not sit under false teaching.

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