Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl commercials

I love Super Bowl commercials. Josh was out earlier and missed the Super Bowl. He's watching them online right now on our home computer. I'm on my laptop. That's pretty much where I always am when I'm online. This is pretty random, I know. I just felt like posting before I go to bed. Josh loves Super Bowl commercials, too, obviously. I only saw the second half of the game so I missed a lot of them, too. And I missed the half time show. Bruce Springsteen! I couldn't believe it. They finally got someone good for the half time show and I missed it. I'm sure I can find it on youtube and watch it. Not quite the same as watching it on tv, but it'll have to do. I have to say I loved the Pepsi commercial. Josh just said he thinks it was kind of dorky. It figures. I loved it. He thinks it's dorky. We're complete opposites in so many ways and yet we love each other. Strange how that works. I'm really tired and probably going to be sorry I posted this when I read it in the morning, but hey isn't that what a blog is all about. Writing what you feel like writing. I'm not going to bother previewing this before I publish it. I just need to go to bed, so I apologize for how crazy this all sounds. I should have gone to bed a while ago.

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