Sunday, February 8, 2009


Man, this young girl's church is very oppressive! She said they don't believe in raising their hands or dancing or anything, because then you're thinking about your own pleasure and not God. I don't agree. I think that's judging other people. I don't think about it at all. It's just what naturally comes out of me as I'm Worshipping GOD. I'm not focused on dancing or raising my hands or anything. And to oppress me in my worship would make me not think about God! I would be thinking about, Oops, I can't raise my hands, I can't go down on my knees, I can't move to the music cause that's dancing. Again, DO NOT judge the way another person worships. That is oppression. And God is not boring. Just because a church might be boring. Believe me, God is not boring! No wonder every other part of their lives seems so separate from God. Their music, what they watch on tv, everything. Because if they're having fun it can't possibly be of God. God gave us our emotions and our need for fun. He's not separate from that. She thought that when David danced naked in the streets God got mad at him. NO! David's wife got mad at him and David said that that was between him and God. Not for her to judge. And that is an important thing to remember. Not for us to judge. It's between them and God. Dancing and raising hands and clapping or whatever may not always be worship, but it isn't always not worship either.

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