Monday, April 18, 2011

Chief Kamiakin District Is A Quality District

This plaque represents all of the hard work Josh did in the first year and a half with the Boy Scouts of America in the Chief Kamiakin District. We sacrificed him a lot, especially towards the end of 2010 for him to accomplish this. And of course, he sacrificed as well. You can't even imagine the hours he put in for this to happen! I really appreciate the work that he does. I find that a lot of people do not understand his job and don't think it is healthy for a family. But I disagree. We just have to operate different hours than others. Most people assume that because he's not home for dinner most of the time that he's never home. That is not true. He often gets to take an hour or two off in the middle of the afternoon. Instead of dinner dates, we have lunch dates. Instead of being at the kids evening events where everyone else is, he can sometimes be found at the park with the kids right after school, helping Jeremiah with his baseball skills and playing witht the girls. He'll take them out for ice cream or whatever, in the middle of the afternoon. And, of course, occasionally, he is able to take an evening or weekend off and spend with us. He's pretty happy to realize that he is completely open this weekend for the start of Jeremiah's baseball season! Of course, we do have challenges, where the kids have to sacrifice as well. For instance, my girls would love to play softball this year, but they're season starts later than Jeremiah's and doesn't end until the end of July. We, unfortunately (or fortunately, however you choose to see it) have to go to Camp Grizzly in mid-June and will not be back until mid-August. Gas prices are just too high for me to be running them back and forth on an almost daily basis. Even once a week isn't possible. We survive the summer, because the camp feeds us, because we have to drop the second job for the summer, that provides our grocery budget. It's a sacrifice and many don't understand, but anyone could have a normal husband with a normal job, but I'm light years away from normal!!!!


  1. As a den leader in the Chief Kamiaken district, I'm thankful for Josh and the work he puts in and the things that your family sacrifices. Sometimes I wish Mark would have a normal job, too, but he's doing something that he enjoys, and we're able to enjoy some fun perks from it, too!
    God bless you guys!

  2. Yeah! We enjoy some great perks, too! Like our own cabin year round at Camp Grizzly, that we can use anytime we want! Plus we get to live there for 2 months in the summer! Really, like I said, we could move in and stay whenever we want! But we have to come back to get ready for school to start :( Actually, usually by the time camp is over we're looking forward to returning home! I wouldn't want him to have a normal job, really. He's much happier with the job he has now!:) So don't think for one minute that we aren't happy with our situation! It's just hard when others don't understand!