Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jeremiah's "Injury" And Friends

The picture on the left totally freaked out a lot of people on facebook a few weeks ago :) Okay, really. I shouldn't even be smiling about that, but it was kind of funny! This was actually stage make-up, done by a professional, who is my children's theatre teacher. This really did look as realistic in person as it does in this picture. It's a good thing he's a bad actor, unlike his amazingly talented sister! I she'd have done what he was trying to do you probably would have been visiting ME in the hospital! Oh, my! And then, of course, I turned around and just put pictures with no captions on facebook with no caption, freaking out some of our friends who love him almost as much as we do! So not nice of me! When he came home he sort of had his hand up by that side of his face, trying to look like he was in agony, except he was smiling the whole time! His friend, said, "You really need to look at his face, to which he then slowly removed his hand and I saw this! I also remembered the theatre teacher talking about getting a new shipment of stage make-up and telling me she might use him as a model. I wouldn't have remembered that in the moment if he wasn't such a poor actor, though! I mean, seriously! I've seen him cry over a scrape. A painful scrape mind you, but nothing compared to this! He'd be screaming hysterically if this was real! I remembered the conversation with his teacher, and smiled and said something to the effect of "That's stage make-up, you goof!" But then, like I said, decided to put my friends in the hospital! Now, the picture on the right is a picture Angela insisted I take of her friends at our prayer group. You probably recognize the one on the left of the screen from my last post. That's Lilly. The other two are Emma (in the middle) and Maggie (on the right). Now, this isn't the same Maggie that is my daughter's best friend from school. I actually really miss that Maggie. My daughter has been spending more time with another friend she's adopted as her best friend, named Riley. I sure hope she hasn't completely ditched Maggie. She's such a sweet girl and they've been friends for a long time. Since Kindergarten actually. Those kind of friends cannot be replaced. Anyway, these girls really enjoy each other's company under the care of a baby-sitter, once a week, while we parents pray. They play all sorts of games and have so much fun. Sometimes it's a little hard to hear in the other room while they' fun :) but they are having fun, so we really don't mind:)

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