Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Spokane Vacation Continued And Counseling

Okay, this child is entirely too happy! I'm telling you, she was the one whining the most about how tired she was before we got out of the car! Wow! Did she get revived or what?! I know, you're going for the "or what"! This was the beginning of the most exciting day of my kids' lives! Okay, so it was actually quite late in the afternoon and that night would be the most exciting night of their lives! You know, I've been getting on here thinking I was only going to put up a few pictures with short captions and these pictures...and just started to type seems to inspire me. I think maybe I've got the heart of a real writer :) Don't expect me to start looking to get published soon. It's a little too overwhelming for me to think about just now! I'm just mostly focusing on my counseling. So much so that I couldn't sleep last night! I just kept running through my mind what I need to do before I go into a social situation to change the way I'm thinking about the people I'm communicating with. I know I probably just totally confused you, but I'm in that phase where I'm having to think conciously about, "Okay, what are you doing? What should you be doing?" when I see myself practicing old, annoying habits. Not necessarily sin, but things that make relationships awkward. I have to change the way I am thinking to change those habits and it is really HARD! It's a big part of my forgetfulness at this time, if you find me seeming to forget what I was doing, that's why. I'm trying really hard to focus on not doing certain things by thinking differently. Very consciously, so it's taking almost every once of mind power I have right now. These are habits I've had for YEARS, so it may take months or even years for me to act more appropriately in relationships consistently, but I'm trying and I'm already noticing subtle differences in moments when I'm relating with people. Only brief moments, but it's a start!

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