Thursday, April 21, 2011

Early Easter!

Yes! I know! I know! It's not quite Easter yet, but what can I say, I was excited! I'm as impatient as they are. Actually probably more so!! Besides, I got the girls HUGE Easter baskets, which I could not find a spot to hide them in my car or in our tiny house with almost no available storage space! So, we just did all the fun, not so much Jesus relatede stuff, early! I figured Jeremiah would not be very upset about getting a small one. It added plenty of cars to his car collection, which, I don't know if any of you have noticed, but they never grow out of the car love! It's kind of nice actually, except for the fact that when he's sixteen, I have a feeling he will disappointed with this particular size of a car :) We'll see. He has to get his Eagle Scout before we'll even allow him to get a driver's license, anyway. So, he better start getting to work on his requirements. He hasn't even made it to First Class yet, which he should have by now! Oh, well, that we will definitely be working towards this summer!! He's going to have my boot print all over his back by the time this summer is over!! I don't know if you can tell, but Angela got a bunch of fun sports equipment like badminton raquets and a birdie, and a foam ball, and a hoop, and one of those little basketball hoops you can put in your room, and a jump rope, etc. Chloe's was all sorts of play rock diva stuff. A play quitar and microphone mostly, but also those funky gloves they wear and stuff like that, too.

In addition to the fun stuff I got them on Tuesday, today their grandma (my mom) made an unexpected trip up and brought some bags of stuff for the kids! She also brought cookies and stuff to decorate them! Jeremiah was at baseball practice and didn't get to see her, but the girls enjoyed having her! She was on her way up to Spokane to see my Uncle Jeff who's in the hospital after having hernia surgery. She's hoping to bring him home tomorrow and spend a day or so with him. Then, maybe she can return Saturday afternoon to see Jeremiah in his first game of the season. Pray! I'm sure Jeremiah would love to have her see him play, especially since he didn't get to see her today! She got him squirt guns and a glow in the dark t-shirt, which he thought was pretty cool. And of course, chocolate bunnies and all that sort of thing :) She got those for all three! Angela and Chloe got jewelry and nail polish and hair bands with sequens! They loved it all, of course! So much fun! I hope they're happy. I don't know if we'll be able to do Easter egg hunting this Saturday with it being opening day for Jeremiah's baseball season.

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