Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Week And A New Book

I have to tell you after all of the pain and difficulty I have had this year, I am doing really well, right now. I feel like maybe God is giving me a little reprieve while I am being counseled to strengthen me for whatever is coming next. Cause something is always coming. As Mr. Eldredge pointed out many times in his book (refer to previous post) we were born into a world at war. We are currently involved in spiritual warfare in this world, whether we realize it or not. I think we forget that way to often and get a little too comfortable here and then The Enemy blindsides us. This happens to me a lot, in case you hadn't noticed and I'm getting really sick of it!!! I am doing my very best to study and get it through my head, that I am God's child and He is for me, never against me, so I must always trust Him and not let the Enemy convince me that God does not care about me. He does and it makes me sick that after all these years I could be convinced for one moment that God doesn't have my best interest at heart and so I need to take matters into my own hands! That always leads to disaster! And I think one of the ways that Satan does this is by convincing way too many Christians to not trust their hearts even once they've surrendered them to the Lord.

By the way, the new book I mentioned I will be reading soon is called "relationships: A Mess Worth Making" and it's written by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp. I should be starting this book at some point this weekend I would imagine. Right now, I should be in bed!

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