Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Easter Fun!

You know, I never tire of blogging! I love it! The girls continued their Easter fun today! While Jeremiah and I were at the opening ceremonies for baseball, they were at an Easter egg hunt at East City Park. Angela got one of the big prizes cause she found one of the special eggs, so she got a whole 'nother Easter basket! It had a decorative four square ball in it. She would have rather had a basketball, but someone got that one before her, so she'll have to wait on her basketball. She's planning to play next year. She really misses ice hockey, but we just can't afford it. It's too expensive. The equipment is expensive and then they have to travel and stay overnight if they want to play much! She couldn't do any travelling last year, so she missed most of the games. All of the tournaments, except for our tournament here in Moscow. I really don't think it was worth it, but I think she feels differently. I felt bad about not being able to take her to the tournaments and far away games, so we decided not to do it this year. I really wish we could, but we also have two other kids to pay for their stuff, too, so we really can't.

The kids also, all three of them, got Easter baskets from our sweet neighbor, known as "grandma." She's pretty sweet. And to go along with all that candy, she always gives them a new toothbrush and toothpaste! I love the idea! I'm not so sure the kids are impressed!

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