Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chloe In An Easter Dress!

Okay, I promised (sort of) pictures of pretty girls in Easter dresses! This is one girl in an Easter dress, anyway! With her favorite stuffed animals! (Current count: I believe she has 75 now, after our post Easter shopping! I'm cheap, what can I say:)) Anyway, the horse is Clover, and the other one is an elephant that her dad won for her at the arcade on Friday! Aaaaah, isn't he such a superhero!!!! I can't remember what she named him. Today, I bought her the annual stuffed bunny (normally she gets one in her Easter basket, but it just didn't happen this year!) I also am a sucker and bought her another stuffed elephant at the Hope Center today! I think she suddenly fell in love with elephants when I read to her about "How The Elephant Got It's Trunk" a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm, who knows. You know, I think there's a story in that same book about a dolphin? Maybe I should read that and see if we end up buying a lot of dolphins :)


  1. But I can hardly see her dress! :P ;)

  2. I have more that show her dress better! Don't worry! Be patient!