Thursday, November 5, 2009


It seems I can't live a single day of my life without some sort of addiction. This one has been a constant in my life since I was in high school. I just didn't realize how addicted I was until I was given a new opportunity to improve my families health. It required me to make a committment though. I had to give it thirty days to start working. I had to quit drinking sodas and energy drinks and no bottled water or flavored water. It's called Kangen water. It's made with a special machine that separates out all of the acids so that it's more alkaline. This is a good thing. Our bodies are supposed to be more alkaline than acidic. But it doesn't work if I drink all that other stuff. I can drink coffee and tea and all that other stuff. I just need to use the Kangen water to mix it. Those of you who know me well, know what the problem is. People used to know that I was church when they heard a soda can open. That was then. Now I can get through church without a Pepsi, but apparently I can't go more than 2 1/2 days! It's ridiculous. In fact, I had just told some people that I make sure not to drink any soda for at least a day to be sure I'm not addicted. Well, I guess that's not enough. I'm going to have to try to quit yet again. We're talking migraine headache after 2 1/2 days of no soda. I talked to my husband before I head to Taco Bell for my fix. He told me, just think of the money you'll save if you don't go out for lunch. I told him, "Just think of the people I'll kill if I don't get a soda right now!" I know. Terrible. Why is it I'm always seriously addicted to something? My head was pounding so bad I literally couldn't think about anything else. I just barely kept moving. I couldn't do my work at home, cause I was just in so much pain! It was definitely withdrawals, mixed with the detoxification process the water sends you into. I was more miserable, physically, than ever before. Seriously, the flu feels better than this felt. I decided to quit drinking the water and try to wean myself off that soda before I try it again. Hopefully I'll be able to. I sure hope so, cause I really want to be healthy and have healthy kids.

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  1. Good luck! I usually gave up soda for the 40 days of fasting and prayer(coincides with Lent). It's not easy. I don't drink as much soda as I used to, but I know I would be healthier if I didn't drink any at all!