Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Thanksgiving Plans

I was sick yesterday. On the mend today. I feel so much better! It must be the water. I never get over a cold this fast. I've been drinking Kangen water. You should look it up. My kids love it. It tastes ten times better than any bottled or filtered water. My girls were supposed to get a new dresser yesterday, but the people we bought it from who are also delivering it to us had an emergency yesterday and weren't able to get it to us, so now we're supposed to get it today. The girls can't wait. Yesterday was totally focused on their room, getting it ready for the new dresser. It's huge. If I was up to moving stuff around in my room Josh and I would put it in our room and give our dresser to the girls. We have a lot of stuff folded in the bottom of the closet because we can't fit all of our clothes in the drawers and closet. Maybe eventually we'll trade. I doubt it, though. I probably won't want to move stuff once I've got it all moved in with the clothes in the dresser. They have another big dresser that has Angela's clothes in it, so really it's Chloe's dresser. We found it on Craigslist. Hopefully, I'll get a nap today. Who knows, though, with no one working or going to school today. Anyway, being sick is why we're not gone. We're staying here for Thanksgiving. It should be fun, anyway. We're going to our church for Thanksgiving dinner. They have a dinner for all those with nowhere to go. It'll be great to hang out with our friends there.

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