Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Much Better Week and Looking Forward To Thanksgiving

Well, it was a good week. Finally! After the 2 before that being horrible! Let's see if we can keep it up. I made it 6 days with no soda, before I decided to have one tonight. After all I'm going to be at my parents house away from sodas of any kind, more than likely for at least 3 days this next week. Of course, I'll also be away from anything even remotely resembling modern technology, since my parents are not at all interested in having internet hooked up in their home. I know, what planet are they from, right? People way older than them have the internet. It's crazy. But, that's the lifestyle they've chosen and they are my parents and I love them, so we're going to go see them for Thanksgiving and the girls and Jeremiah, hopefully, will get to play with the horses. I'll probably be on here again before then, but just in case I'm not, happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Kyrie and Jayden and I will be roughing it for a few days before we meet Mark and Isaiah back in Pullman. They're taking the t.v. and router back to Pullman. So I'll have my laptop, but no internet unless MIL lets me use her computer. She has a t.v. upstairs, but I don't think she would be too keen on me using it to entertain the kids. I'll have to come up with other ways of keeping the kids occupied. I haven't installed any kids games on my laptop, so Jayden might be out of luck(his main joy is to surf the internet).

    Glad to hear you are doing better! Good job on the soda withdrawals! Take care!